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The Best Ruin Bars in Budapest . Szimpla Kert. The original and granddaddy of all ruin pubs. Szimpla was the first to set up in the 7th district back in the early 2000’s and has gone from strength to strength since then.Csendes is a popular ruin bar in downtown Budapest, tucked away on a quiet backstreet. Unlike some other ruin bars with party vibes, Csendes is a mellower, sit-down venue best for conversations. Unlike some other ruin bars with party vibes, Csendes is a mellower, sit-down venue best for conversations.Hopping Among Budapest’s Best Ruin Pubs. Take an abandoned building, Christmas lights, a bit of edgy dcor, and a proper amount of liquor, and you’ve got one of our favorite places to visit in Budapest-a ruin pub. Concentrated in the VII district (aka the Jewish Quarter ), Budapest ruin pubs are a mix of bars, restaurants,In entrepreneurial Budapest, the best times are to be had amid ruins. And we don’t mean shitty underground spaces with sweaty ceilings and barely-functioning toilets. No – for nights out that truly.Budapest has a super unique nightlife scene. Ruin bars are definitely the highlight but there are so many to choose from and they are all so different! This video I’ll walk you through the best.The best area of the bars of Budapest is the 5th, 6th and 7th district. This is what we call "downtown" for party life. This is where you find the best cocktails bars of Budapest, the cultural ruin bars and the best clubs as well.Any visitor to Budapest should get familiar with the "ruin bar" concept (these are the best ruin bars in Budapest). Ruin bars first emerged in the early 2000’s as places offering dirt cheap drinks inside the open-air courtyards of pre-war dilapidated buildings.Having decamped to a ruin pub called Instant to dance out the remainder of the night, I reflect that, while I had fun, I probably wouldn’t go again, nor make it the central focus of a trip to Budapest.Look closer – closer – closer – and you’ll find venues unique to this Central European capital: The Best Ruin Bars of Budapest. Budapest’s District VII: after WWII, a rotting, empty, rubble-strewn no-man’s land, a dark memento of the war years.