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A tummy tuck is a fast and easy solution for common problems in tummy definition. Tighten the skin, contour your abdominals, and feel fantastic. Tummy Tucks in Dubai | BHSSCIA Tummy Tuck, whether partial or complete, produces excellent results if you have an abdomen with weakened muscles or excess skin. In most cases, the results are long lasting if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly. At CosmeSurge, we have done more than a thousand tummy tuck surgeries with excellent results and almost no complications.One particular patient from Dubai who has undergone a breast augmentation at Mafraq. recently admitted to the emergency section of Mafraq with a high fever after a tummy tuck performed elsewhere.To perform a tummy tuck procedure, first general anaesthesia is administered. For patients with large tummies, the surgeon will cut the abdomen horizontally between the hip bones and contour the abdominal muscles, skin and tissues. The surgeon will place drainage tubes under the skin if required.Dr. Sanjay @ Cocoona is considered the best tummy tuck surgeon in Dubai. Get best results from your tummy tuck surgery, with full pre & post.Results 1 – 8 of 8. Medigo lists healthcare providers offering Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). compare clinics, hospitals, prices, and reviews, and get a free quote.Tummy Tuck in Dubai otherwise called abdominoplasty For most of us, the belly is the zone of the body that is the area most prone to fatty deposits. As fat accumulates, it extends the skin.Abdominoplasty, most commonly called tummy tuck in Dubai, is designed to correct this loose or hanging skin protruding from the abdomen as a result weight gain, weak abdominal muscles or pregnancy. Obesity or stretching of the abdomen causes the skin to lose its elasticity.Extended Tummy Tuck. Extended tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical solution for contouring the lower body into a more attractive shape. An extended tummy tuck is also known as an extended abdominoplasty or a lower body-lift surgery.Dubai on a Friday, is all about traditional brunch. Off to the affluent Jumeriah Beach Hotel where brunch was spectacular. It deserved applause, a Grammy, an Oscar and a tummy tuck for me, after I’d.